Sailing Basics Guide & Prep 1.5


Preparation study guide for Sailing Basics and related certification exams.

The Sailing Basics Guide & Prep is a study guide which reinforces knowledge and skill requirements that can help prepare you for Basics of Sailing Certification Exams. Certified sailing candidates are expected to be able to perform safely with confident command of the boat in waters with a wind range of 5 to 15 knots. Basic Sailing graduates should be able to successfully demonstrate the ability to responsibly skipper and crew simple daysailing in familiar waters in light to moderate wind and sea conditions.

Includes more than 625 multiple choice quiz questions and 625 flashcards. Create custom flashcards, multiple-choice and glossary content. Includes glossary with common terms and definitions in eleven (11) learning modules for sailboat basics.

Module 1: Types & Parts of Sailboats
Module 2: Wind and Points of Sail
Module 3: Getting Started
Module 4: Sail Trim and Balance
Module 5: Rules of the Road
Module 6: Tides and Currents
Module 7: Anchoring
Module 8: Basics of Navigation
Module 9: Spinnaker Sailing
Module 10: Heavy Weather Sailing
Module 11: Seamanship

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